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It is a common misconception that the only benefit of chiropractic care is pain relief.

Chiropractic care addresses the nervous system which is made up of the brain, spinal cord and nerves. The nervous system’s job is to regulate all functions within the body. A very small percentage, 10%, of the nervous system’s job is to detect pain. Since our nervous system regulates our body, many people undergoing chiropractic care experience improvement with their sleep, flexibility, energy, range of motion, posture, balance and digestion.

Just like any other part of the body, it is important to get the spine regularly checked, since it has the job of protecting the spinal cord which is how the brain and body communicate. With the amount of stress that is placed on our body on a daily basis, our spines can start to experience wear and tear. Since we only have one spine, we need to take care of it the best we can so that it can take care of us throughout our lifetime.

Electronic intake paperwork will be sent to you to be completed prior to the first visit.

This will allow us to obtain the necessary background information to tailor the initial visit. A consultation will take place to review your symptoms, conditions and health goals.  Next a detailed chiropractic examination will be performed where we will analyze things such as gait, reflexes, posture and balance. At a follow-up appointment, the results and individualized recommendations will be discussed.

This is a common question we hear from people.

Unfortunately, most people who initially seek out chiropractic care are experiencing some level of pain or discomfort that is interfering with their normal activities. We have noticed that many people undergo chiropractic care only until they get out of pain. What we have also noticed is that those same people typically tend to come in weeks, months, or years later with the same pain or similar symptoms. This is because it would be almost impossible to live without placing some amount of negative stress on the spine. A common comparison to make is dental health. When people leave the dentist office, the employees do not say, “nice to meet you, have a nice life.” Instead, they encourage people to schedule future dental check-ups to help you maintain good dental health. They know that people are going to leave and consume food and drinks that could lead to cavities and other issues. 

We always strive to educate the community about the benefits of wellness care and how to take a proactive approach to health. Many people choose to continue with chiropractic care throughout their lifetime because they enjoy living with less pain and experiencing all of the other amazing benefits it has to offer. We wish for everyone to have the ability to live their healthiest life and we think that regular chiropractic care is a part of that.   

We acknowledge that people work very hard for their health insurance…

We have both worked in previous clinics where we accepted multiple insurances and have found it can be both confusing and frustrating for patients and providers. We acknowledge that people work very hard for their health insurance but unlike many other healthcare professions, there are no laws that require health insurance companies to cover chiropractic care.  While some insurance companies cover chiropractic care, they commonly only cover a set amount of visits. We understand that care is very individualized and not everyone comes into the office with the same symptoms requiring the same amount of care. We would prefer not to have restrictions placed on the care that we are recommending for patients. Many health insurance companies do not cover chiropractic care for children under the age of 7, even though children need chiropractic care just as much as adults!   

Not having to invest in a third-party insurance billing company allows us to be as cost effective as possible for our patients.  Our potential reimbursements from insurance for our care can sometimes be so small that we would have to set a higher price for our care to cover all costs or be forced to provide shorter treatment visit times, which would directly impact the quality of our care. Overall deductibles are increasing, and patient’s co -pays are often higher than our actual cash fee for the service!   

If you do have health insurance, we will happily provide you all the paperwork and information necessary for you to file for a possible reimbursement!