Meet the Doctors

Hi, I’m Dr. Emma and I am the co-founder of Align and Flow Chiropractic. Growing up in the Green Mountains of Vermont, I led an active outdoor lifestyle. A long-distance runner, I ran Cross Country, Indoor and Outdoor Track while in high school. During my years in Vermont, I frequently visited a wellness-based Chiropractor which contributed to my interest in alternative approaches to healing. Heading South for college, I attended Coastal Carolina University where I ran all three seasons while majoring in Psychology. At Coastal, I met my husband Dr. Connor who himself is an athlete. After graduation, I enrolled at Life University in Marietta, Ga., to study to become a Chiropractor. While at Life University, I explored a variety of techniques and spent many weekends attending seminars to broaden my knowledge base. I am a certified Integrative Health Practitioner and am currently pursuing a post-graduate certification in Functional Medicine and a Diplomate in Nutrition.

I live an active and holistic lifestyle and am passionate about helping others to achieve their fullest health potential. When not in the office, I can be found with my husband and friends enjoying the warm, sunny weather of South Florida, trying out healthy recipes or training for my next half-marathon. In my quiet moments, I enjoy reading current research on health and natural healing. With my energy and spirited personality, I look forward to assisting the Fort Lauderdale community achieve health goals through Chiropractic care and Functional Medicine.

Dr. Emma Hulburd, DC, IHP

Dr. Emma Hulburd, DC, IHP

Connor Heney, DC

Connor Heney, DC

I co-founded Align and Flow Chiropractic with my wife Dr. Emma. My parents own a very active Chiropractic office in Eastern Massachusetts and continue to practice. Growing up in a household of Chiropractors, I learned the importance of a holistic and healthy lifestyle at an early age. An athlete by nature, I participated in lacrosse, soccer, and boxing while in high school. When not training in sports, I would often be found thumbing through old anatomy textbooks, fascinated by the complexity of the human body. At Coastal Carolina University I majored in Exercise and Sports Science.

Deciding to follow in the footsteps of my mom and dad, I attended Life University and trained to be a Chiropractor. Studying with Dr. Emma, I was drawn to techniques which help optimize proper movement patterns and sport performance, along with understanding all aspects of treating those who have suffered from traumatic injuries, such a car accidents and sports injuries. Certified in Applied Kinesiology, I have extensive training in treating extremity issues. Additionally, I hold a certification in FMS (Functional Movement Screening) allowing me to analyze movement patterns and find imbalances in the body. This screening permits me to better customize care for patients, especially athletes. An avid fan of the Boston sports teams, I enjoy the sunny weather of Florida and spending time with my beautiful wife. I look forward to helping the Fort Lauderdale community live a healthy and holistic lifestyle.

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The body’s intricate musculoskeletal system is constantly communicating with other body systems to create balance. In a state of disconnect, this information cannot be organized properly which can lead to dysfunctional patterns. Here at Align and Flow Chiropractic, we support the body by enhancing the organization of external and internal stressors to create healthy patterns.



Uninterrupted movement of energy throughout the body. There is a state of complete present time consciousness, focus and ease known as the flow state. This is a beautiful state and is often hard to reach due to a lack or decrease of body awareness. The flow and exchange of energy is a huge part of what we do here at Align and Flow Chiropractic by supporting better connection between the mind and body.